You Must Give Up To Go Up

In this article I am going to list three major aspects in life that entrepreneurs will have to sacrifice at some point or another, and I will give you tips on how to deal well with making those sacrifices.

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In the world of entrepreneurship, being a boss and having your own business can often be glamorised, and made to seem like some sort of fun fairy-tale which is stress-free. However, one subject that most business blogs, gurus, and books tend to not highlight is the substantial amount of sacrifice that will be required to ever come close to accomplishing success. Everything in life that is good, always requires some sort of sacrifice, especially in business, you must be willing to give up things to make progress.

When we started BossGirlsNow, our main goal and priority was to be real, honest, and transparent about entrepreneurship. I strive to give you the most practical advice so that I can best prepare you for your entrepreneurship journey. In the business world sacrifice is mandatory whether you like it or not, so to prepare you BossGirl in this article I am going to list three major aspects in life that entrepreneurs will have to sacrifice at some point or another, and I will give you tips on how to deal well with making those sacrifices.  


Many people in this world have good habits and bad habits. The definition of a habit is "a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up."

Some people are addicted to watching Netflix whilst others are addicted to reading, some people are addicted to partying whilst others are addicted to exercising, and some people are addicted to shopping whilst others are addicted to investing.

A bad habit is a certain behaviour pattern that can hinder you from succeeding in entrepreneurship. Watching Netflix, partying, and shopping, in itself, is not a bad habit, however, when these types of activities become regular or excessive in your life, it can prevent you from achieving your goals, which therefore means that it can become a bad habit. For example, let's say, you have a habit of watching Netflix, and partying excessively, these activities done regularly can cause many roadblocks in your entrepreneurship journey because if you watch Netflix and party all the time, you won't have the valuable time to work on doing productive activities that will push you closer towards accomplishing your dreams.

BossGirl, you must be willing to sacrifice bad habits that prevent you from success to good habits that push you closer towards your goals. A good way to give up bad habits is to replace them with good habits. Instead of watching Netflix all day you can replace watching Netflix with reading a book that will give you knowledge. When you have the urge to party you can replace that habit with exercising. BossGirl even though giving up these bad habits won't be easy, remember to always see in your mind the final destination you want to achieve in your life when you feel tempted into doing bad habits. Furthermore, always reward yourself, track how long you have gone without consistently engaging in a bad habit or maybe track how long you have engaged in a good habit, by giving yourself rewards for these achievements it can encourage you to keep going even during the times of immense temptation.


As you start to level up and take your entrepreneurship journey seriously, you will start to realise that you will need to sacrifice some of your relationships in your life. You may need to let go or distance yourself from some people because not everyone in life will be rooting for you or wanting you to succeed, some people will turn their backs against you, some may bring you down, some may discourage you and with others you may just grow apart because you might have less in common. It's so important BossGirl to protect your energy, you don't always need to have a million friends, having one good friend who brings immense value in your life and pushes you to be the person you want to be is a true ride or die friend. However, people who complain, hate, talk but don't take action, moan, and suck the energy out of you, can have a negative impact in your life, and in essence it can lead to bringing your productivity and motivational levels down. So this is why it is so important to be willing to let go of people who bring you down in your entrepreneurship journey.


I strongly believe that the most significant sacrifice that an entrepreneur will most certainly face in their journey, is the feeling of certainty and comfort. The journey of entrepreneurship is such a unique avenue to go down, it is filled with so many trials, tribulations and obstacles. There is so much uncertainty and discomfort that comes with entrepreneurship.

If you value being comfortable in life and having certainty then you may find the business world to be very brutal. You may have months where you don't make any money or you may face many tough failures that put you in such uncomfortable positions, or you may face a lot of rejection from others which can be humiliating. All these examples are circumstances that you must be prepared to experience in entrepreneurship.

BossGirl, even though there will be many times where you will feel pressure, the best way to deal with these difficult moments is to remember your reason why, the reason that led you to the path of entrepreneurship, and always remember the destination always have your goals in your mind, when the temptations seep in and you don't feel like making sacrificial decisions, remember the goal you want to achieve and why you want to achieve it.


BossGirl, even though in entrepreneurship there will be a lot of sacrifices that will need to be made, it is important to remember that you can still enjoy yourself and have a good time. Here at BossGirlsNow, we are strong advocates for taking care of your mental health, indulging in some fun pleasurable activities from time to time can have major benefits with your mood which can increase productivity in your life. Everything that is done with a balance is very beneficial in your entrepreneurial life.

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