The Importance Of Following Your Passion In Life

In this blog post, I’m going to discuss the Importance of following your passion in life, and why you should strive to align your passion with your work while making a sustainable income. 

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Enjoying The Work You Do vs. Having A Large Bank Account

Hey BossGirl, do you ever get the feeling that you’re wasting your life away, doing the same dull and repetitive tasks 9 to 5, every day? Are you feeling unfulfilled with your career, and are you constantly lacking motivation? 

If so, then that’s an alarming sign that you’re not following your passion in life, and that your energies are not applied in the right direction. 

I don’t blame you. I understand how difficult it can be to start a business that revolves around your passions. With all the chaos and information overload in today’s world, following your passion is easily neglected. We are led to believe that to provide for ourselves and our families, we have to settle for anything less, than what sparks a fire in our hearts. 

According to a recent Gallup Report, 85% of global employees are disengaged from their jobs, and that is all due to a lack of passion in a career. The pressure that usually comes from our family, and society in general, often pushes us to be something we’re not. That causes our confidence to sink because we aren’t operating in our strengths and interests. That eventually leads us to feeling empty and living an unhappy life.

It is an inevitable fact that money is a powerful thing. Nowadays, money is almost inextricably linked to happiness. In our continuous treasure hunt, we lose track of the basics of our interests and joys. We tend to complicate what was once something simple, which creates confusion, and leads us to live unfulfilled, passionless lives. 

And while it is important to make a living for yourself, chasing money instead of following your passion won’t get you very far. 

In this blog post, I’m going to discuss the Importance of following your passion in life, and why you should strive to align your passion with your work while making a sustainable income. 

The Recipe For Disaster

I’m not much of a great cook, but I do know the recipe for disaster. It goes a little bit like this:

· a big dose of overthinking;

· a pinch of self-doubt;

· one rushed decision followed by a Google search for the ‘highest-paying job’

· a couple of dollars spent on a course that you couldn’t care less about;

· long hours of trying to learn something that is completely out of your interest, only because it ranks as the highest paying job in today’s industries;

And there you have it - The recipe for disaster!

Overwhelmed by the destructive pressure to create a successful life for ourselves, we’re forgetting about the essential things of our beings - our purpose and passion. These two often take the back seat in the never-ending race for making a better living. However, if you work up a way to overcome the financial hurdles of everyday life while following your passion, hard work and success can come much easier than expected.

What Is Passion?

The secret of living the life of your dreams is hidden in your passions and what you because of them.
Passion is that deep-seated feeling within us all, that gives our lives a purpose, and keeps us motivated when things get tough. Passion provides you with the required strength needed to forge through life’s challenges and the hurdles that stand on the way to achieving your goals.
Simply put, passion is what you love doing, even when you hate doing it. 

 Our passions in life are connected to our inborn abilities, talent, and desires. But living in the 21st century makes it hard for us to follow up with our passions. The need for a steady income or healthcare is usually what holds us back from following our passions. Even though, now and then, you have to take some time off from your daily routines and listen to what your soul is telling you. Rediscovering, and following your passion will benefit you in so many ways!

But I’m Already Way Too Busy With My Current Job, And My Passion Doesn’t Pay The Bills…

You’re right. I know the struggle - you know exactly what’s in your heart, but there is just too much stuff going on. Here’s my piece of advice on this matter: You have to stop acting like there is no time left on Earth after your shift ends. You have 24 hours a day to do everything that just HAS to be done, and then find a few minutes to do what you LOVE to do. No rule says you can’t do both. If you manage to set aside a few minutes for following your passion while performing your regular job tasks, you’ll be more excited about your workday. 

You’ll look forward to the 10 minute block time in the afternoon when you get to write on your novel, or to the first half of your lunch hour that you set aside to learn how to code. 

Remember, following your passion is a work in progress, and every little bit counts

Why Is Following Your Passion So Important

Even when you decide to hit the Pause button on everything else, and decide to fully dedicate yourself to following your passion, you’ll find yourself tripped by failures and obstacles. But that’s when passion comes up on stage.

In the presence of passion and enthusiasm, people tend to be more resilient when they encounter obstacles. People who are passionate about the things they’re doing, rather than just ‘ in it for the money ’, have more positive outlooks and can overcome difficulties through problem-solving. 

A study published in The Annals of Behavioural Medicine revealed that following your passion in life both, lowers stress and contributes to living a happier life overall. Researchers found that participants who engaged in hobbies were 34 percent less stressed and 18 percent less sad during the activities, and for some time after completing them. 

That makes it clear that passion is an essential ingredient for success. The more passionate you are about your job, the harder you’ll work to develop yourself and your skills, which eventually increases your chances of success. 

90 percent of the time our current jobs and our passions are disjointed. By staying in your current job and refusing to make even the smallest effort to follow your passion, you’ll continue to feel stuck and unhappy. 

For you to experience true happiness and personal fulfilment in life, you have to look in the direction of your passion and purpose. 

And remember, every little bit counts!

One Thing To Watch Out For: Don’t Jump In Head First Into Following Your Passion

As much as following your passion matters, it’s also important that after reading this post, you don’t pick up the phone and tell your boss that you’re quitting. I don’t want to lead you into jumping in head first into following your passion. That would be painful, and most likely ineffective.

It sure sounds good, especially for the ones who are stuck in jobs they hate, and want nothing more than to abandon the shit and head off to new adventures. But you have to understand that your paycheck and your passion are two different things. And truth be told, you can’t sacrifice your day-job to start following your passion. At least not in the beginning. 

Following your passion doesn’t wipe away your bills and financials. Instead, it may add a few more. So if you don't do the math correctly, you can end up broke, with no job, no passion in sight. 

Monetizing your passion takes time, and usually that’s more than initially planned. That’s why it’s important that you create a healthy balance between your 9 to 5 job and following your passion.
Start thinking of your 9 to 5 as part of the journey, and not as an obstacle. At the very minimum, it will provide you a cash flow to help you get started, and keep you going along the way. 

So shortly said, keep your day-job which helps you survive, while consistently focusing on your passion, and one day your patience and consistency will make your dreams come true!

Follow Your Passion & Success Will Follow

Whether you’re considering starting a new business or changing a career path, it is important that passion is factored into the equation.
Only when we incorporate our passion into our careers and our lives, we get to experience the ultimate benefits. By taking your passion to the next level, you tap into uncovering your full potential by utilizing your strengths and interests. That allows you to operate in your full capacity, which ultimately leads to greater success levels.

Following your passion will lead to living a simplified life and enjoying personal freedom.

Moral Of The Story

You’re the author of your life. You’re the BossGirl. Don’t settle for the bare minimum just because it seems to be working out right now. 

I encourage you to keep on following your passion in life because living 90+ years of happiness vs. wealth creation always works out!

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