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If you believe it can you achieve it?

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In the business world, words and terms like manifestation, vision boards, visualisation, faith and belief system, are often overused and sometimes can be seen as cliché. Many entrepreneurs feel like having a strong belief system is not a top priority for them, they tend to value more practical advice on building a business rather than talk on self belief.  When people say statements like "I manifested my dream life" or "I visualised this happening in my life and it actually happened." Oftentimes many people are very sceptical and they look down upon these types of statements, it doesn't seem practical and many question how can you believe in something and it just comes true? sounds a bit like a Disney fairy-tale. There have also been books released on this topic of belief systems, like "think and grow rich" and "the secret".

Now this blog post won't be about, just believing in your dreams and it will come true, because I do know that anything or any goal also requires dedication and hard work. However I do believe that the main foundation of businesses is having a vision and having some type of belief system that you can achieve that vision. In this article we will delve deeper on why it is important to have a strong belief system, and tips on how to strengthen your confidence, belief system, faith in yourself, and in your business.

Think about it, all the huge companies such as McDonald's, Amazon, Apple and Walmart all started from a simple vision from their founders. The founders must of had some sort of belief that the vision can be possible to achieve, because of this they started to work on bringing their vision to life.

A big reason why believing in yourself is so important and why your belief system should not be neglected is because it is literally impossible to achieve business success without vision or faith. The road to success is a very long and lonely journey. It can take a long time to see results because the path to success is filled with many obstacles and hurdles along the way. If you do not have a strong passion for or belief in your business, it will be very hard to continue to strive during the hard times.

Furthermore, if you don't believe in yourself or your goals, your team won't believe in you, or anyone around you who you want to work with, won't believe in you or your vision, this can result in poor quality work and even in your team completely failing.

Now we've established why it's so important to have a strong belief system in yourself, I could just end the blog here and say belief in yourself, believe you can do it, have vision and that's it, but I always want to give practical tips to my BossGirls. So I am going to go through some small tactics that you can practice that will help strengthen your belief system.

Visualisation And Vision Boards

Vision boards have become very popular during the last decade. Vision boards are a collection of pictures you stick on a board. The pictures represent the goals and things you want to achieve this year. The goal of a vision board is to reinforce your goals by seeing images of them on a daily basis. You can have pictures of your dream house or car, the business that you want to launch, the number of sales you want to achieve, the number of customers you want to acquire, a person that you want to meet or simply other things that inspire you like businesses or entrepreneurs that have been an influence on your entrepreneurship. It's totally up to you. There are so many different options when it comes to your vision board and there are so many YouTube tutorials on how to create one.

Vision boards are so handy because our brain processes so much information each day, so sometimes it's easy to forget about our business goals, or where we want to be in life. Having a clear picture in your room or even around your house, is so beneficial because it can really help you reinforce your focus and belief in yourself both consciously and subconsciously.

Going To Physical Locations

Some people feel like vision boards and images can really help them with their belief system, however not everyone finds them useful. Some people feel like going to places, and being there physically can really help them to reinforce their belief system. For example, you may have a goal to have a luxury car by the end of the year. A good way to help reinforce your focus on that goal is to go to a car dealership where the car is being sold. By going to the dealership you could test drive the car, or simply just sit in it. Or if you had a dream to live in a certain neighbourhood, you could walk or drive around the neighbourhood and see the type of houses you want to live in in the future. By being physically in the car, or going to the neighbourhood where you want to live in the future, it will really make owning or achieving that goal seem and feel like more of a reality and it will help strengthen your belief system. For example I love luxury bags, when I was living in London I used to go to Selfridges a luxury store. I used to go to stores such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Hermes and Gucci. When I was in the stores I used to touch and feel the bag and I would even look at myself in the mirror wearing the bags. I know I sound crazy, but by doing this type of action it really motivated me to work harder towards my goals because being able to physically touch something and see how beautiful it was, really strengthened my work ethic and focus and belief system.

Writing Dates To Your Goals

So far in this blog we have talked a lot about visualisation, but people tend to forget that writing your goals, speaking your goals, and putting dates on them is equally as important. When we have goals it's good to have dates for when you want to achieve them by. By knowing the dates of when you want to achieve your goals, it can really help you analyse the steps and path you need to take to reach that goal. For example say you wanted to launch a business, you could write that by the 1st of July 2021 I want to launch my business. By having a time frame everyday you can do little to big actions to work towards that goal. Also don't forget to read your goals daily, by reinforcing your goals repetitively it will give you a clear picture of where you're going, where you want to be and by when.

Creating an Environment for Success

Creating a better environment for success could mean changing the people you are with or your surroundings. For example I would highly suggest that you follow pages on social media that inspire you give you motivation and make you feel determined and driven. Motivational Instagram pages can be very useful, we have a motivational Instagram and Tiktok page called @BossGirlsNow where we post consistent motivational content to inspire. You can also join business Facebook groups. You could even follow up and watch interviews by some female entrepreneurs, such as Conna Walker, Sara Blakely, Kendra Scott and Emily Weiss, who are all amazing businesswomen who have built successful businesses. You can also read books, listen to audiobooks and podcasts with an entrepreneurship/business focus. Lastly you could read blogs or subscribe to business magazines such as Forbes, Bloomberg, Entrepreneur, Fortune and TechCrunch. This could really help strengthen your belief system, knowledge and focus.

Final Tips

Some final general tips I would give is making sure you think positively. Sometimes our negative thoughts and self-criticism can highlight areas where we can improve, but if we dwell too much on our negative thoughts about ourselves or our business, then we can become stagnant. Becoming stagnant can sabotage our goals so it's important to avoid this at all costs by focusing on positive thinking. I also believe that looking after your health mentally and even physically will help you to keep a strong focus and positive outlook that will ultimately strengthen your belief in yourself. This includes everything from exercise and a healthy diet to a healthy amount of sleep. Sometimes a culture of working until we are burned out is glamorised but the reality is that if you don't look after your health your work will eventually suffer too.

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