Importance Of Having a Hard Work Ethic

Action, hard work, and discipline are mandatory when it comes to making any sort of progress to getting closer to achieving your goal.

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When we started BossGirlsNow, our main goal and priority was to be real, honest and transparent about entrepreneurship. We never want to become a blog that is wishy-washy, or glamorises and builds up a fairy-tale about running a business and becoming your own boss. We want to be raw, completely honest, and we want to tell you the realities of entrepreneurship, so we can best prepare you for what's to come in the journey ahead. The real truth about success is that it is never guaranteed; what is guaranteed is stress, obstacles and many challenges.

In this generation, many online gurus, who have an agenda to sell you their "course", tend to portray entrepreneurship as this easy thing that can be done by anyone with little to no effort. Well, I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news, success doesn't happen because of "belief" "luck" or "desire", it happens due to someone's extensive work ethic, intense dedication and substantial self-discipline.

You cannot just sit in your room and believe in yourself, believe you can achieve your goals, then do nothing about it or do the bare minimum when it comes to working. Action, hard work, and discipline are mandatory when it comes to making any sort of progress to getting closer to achieving your goal.

One of my favourite quotes that truly gives a good accurate picture of what the business world is like is from Mark Cuban.

He said that "Business is the ultimate sport, as in sport the one thing you can control is an effort"

I feel like this statement is 100% true. The world of business/entrepreneurship is defiantly like a sport. There will be so many hurdles, blocks, there will be a need to constantly change position, adapt and evolve to beat your rivals and competition, there will be an extensive need for preparation, training, dedication and self-discipline, however, when you do win or achieve that goal, it can be very rewarding.

Let me give you an example,  I'm sure you've all heard of KFC, one thing that many people don't know about KFC is that the founder of KFC was told NO to his chicken recipe over 1000 times, before ever succeeding. Can you imagine having such drive and dedication to have been rejected, over 1000 times, but to keep working hard to pitch your idea, keep showing up, keep improving your idea and plan, after 1000 rejections! That is crazy so many people give up after the second try or first major failure. For you to just keep going, keep working after many setbacks, and to have that true perseverance and consistency; now that really is a characteristic of a strong entrepreneur.

Now BossGirl, you know that we would never write about a topic, without giving you some practical tips that you can apply to your daily routine. In this final section of the blog, I am going to go through some strategies that you can practice, that will strengthen your work ethic, drive, self-discipline and consistency.


When you have a journey, taking the first step is so detrimental to getting to the finishing line. Every step counts because every step gets you closer to the finishing goal. This principle is the exact same in entrepreneurship.

Many aspiring entrepreneurs have big dreams and goals, however they can often feel intimidated or overwhelmed because the goal may be so big and feel so far at reach. However what many fail to understand is by taking the first step even if it's small, it will get you a step closer to your destination. Every little step counts.

That is why it is so important when you set a goal within a certain timeframe, you should retrace that goal and work backwards to figure out the steps. For example let's say you want to "start a business in one years time", you have the goal to start the business in a year now you have to work backwards and plan what your objectives will be for each month, each week, each day to achieve that goal, for example, week 1 you may do research, month 2 you may be talking to manufactures, month 3 testing samples, month 6 plan marketing, month 12 launch!! All these small steps are assisting the person to get closer to the big goal.


When you fail to plan, plan to fail. Making sure you plan your tasks and work in advance is so crucial. What I normally do is at the end of the month, I have a list of goals that I plan to achieve. Then every week I plan my tasks in advance in the calendar, by doing this it will help me accomplish my monthly goals. Planning my tasks in advance helps me to stay consistent because I know what I have to do, and when I have to do it by, and by having a schedule of the different tasks it really helps me to feel and stay organised and less overwhelmed.


"Measurement is the first step that leads to control and eventually to improvement". Quote by James Harrington.

Measuring your work ethic can be used as a significant tool in improving your work ability. Tracking your progress can enable you to spot if you're declining in your ability to achieve your tasks and it can help you spot areas of improvement.

My recommendation for the BossGirls reading this would be to give yourself a KPI, (Key performance indicator) it can be a score that you set from 1 to 10 that can help you track how well you're doing in completing your tasks. For example, let's say you have a goal to email 10 Influencers for marketing. If you end of messaging 2 Influencers you can give yourself a score of 2/10 or if you end of messaging 7 Influencers you can give yourself a score 7/10. Measuring your performance on work tasks can enable you to improve on areas of self-discipline, and work ethic.


Last but not least BossGirl the final tip to improving your work ethic, dedication, and consistency is by remembering your WHY. What is your true motivation of pursuing entrepreneurship? Why do you truly want to become an entrepreneur?.

BossGirl if I told you that inside a burning building there was a million pounds and if you go inside to get it, you can keep it, I guarantee you none of you would go in the building. However, if I told you that your loved one is in that building many of you wouldn't even think twice to safe them, that's because your WHY to go into that building is so important to you.

In entrepreneurship remembering your why can really push you through the dark moments. Entrepreneurship is not easy or fun there will be times of enormous stress or immense difficulty, during these dark periods your why will be enough to pull you through. Your why may be to give your family the life you never had, or you want to retire your parents, or you want to live a life where you want to be the Boss, or to have freedom, whatever it is having a strong why will push you to have a strong dedication and devotion to achieving your goals.


BossGirl even though we strongly advocate working really hard, having dedication and self-discipline, it is still very important to take care of your physical health and mental health, this should be your top priority always. In the entrepreneurship world, the culture of working until you are burned out is glamorised but the reality is that if you don't look after your health your work and business will eventually suffer too. Taking care of your health and mental health should always be a top priority for every entrepreneur because it will help you to stay strong and keep positive, which will therefore help with your work drive and work ethic.

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I hope you have an amazing and productive day.

Go on girl, do your thing and be the boss. Xx

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