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About Me

Why I Got Started

When I was first starting my journey, a site like BossGirlsNow would have helped me so much in my confidence and motivation.

When I was first starting out I didn't have a mentor. I know so many females also don't have access to someone they can get guidance from. That's why I created BossGirlsNow to be the resource so many need, but so many don't have.

What I Believe

We truly care about our readers. That's why we will always be authentic and honest. We want to be a friend, mentor, and community for our readers to enjoy.

We will be dedicated to helping you find the guidance you need, whether this is through our articles or through you being able to go to our Contact Us page and send us questions. We are always here for you.

My Vision

BossGirlsNow will be a positive publication with the mission of empowering women. We will be the essential site for everything that impacts females across the globe.

We are dedicated to giving the advice and tips that actually make a difference to your life and career - this ranges from clarifying the bigger picture to the smaller, practical details that will make your approach the best it can be.

I’m always looking for incredible people and partners,
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